ET10 Board for Raspberry Pi4

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Re: ET10 Board for Raspberry Pi4

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As for the screenshots, I'd recommend resizing them (using GIMP or a similar program).

Alternatively, you can upload them onto some third-party hosting platform (such as Dropbox, Imgur, etc) and then link them here.

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Re: ET10 Board for Raspberry Pi4

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Hello Ivan,
I was able to read dxf files,also able to import dxf files from USB.Please look at image attached confirm these steps are correct or not!
Secondly,I was trying to find parameter of 'Kerf Compensation',its actually cutting tool compensation required to be put according to size of cutting tips(electrode,nozzles for Plasma or Cutting tips for Oxy-fuel)given in charts!
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Re: ET10 Board for Raspberry Pi4

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It's better to set

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in NC code folder, you will be able to load files from any USB disk inserted, not only labelled "SNF".

"Tool radius compensation" supported in G-code, but not in DXF import currently.

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