Toggle an output with hardkey.

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Toggle an output with hardkey.

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I want to toggle an output with a hardkey, so i have doubts that instructions to use: gvarget, gvarset, portget or portset. Could you shared an example?

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Re: Toggle an output with hardkey.

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The easiest way to toggle an output using a hardkey would be through the Settings > Config > Panel/Pendant > Hardkeys window, like so:


In this situation, I have assigned output 8 to be turned on when I press a hardkey which is connected to input #8, and turn off when I release that hardkey.

If you are doing this through a PLC, the way to do it would be by using the portset command to turn on an output. The gvarset command is used to control global variables, while the portget and gvarget commands are used to retrieve the state of the output port or the value of the global variable.

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